Supplier Page | Selection criteria


In order to provide the best quality at reasonable prices in a timely manner to our valuable customers, we have stringent supply-chain selection criteria.

>    High quality products that is relevant to the needs of our customers

>    Reasonably priced to make it affordable for our customers
>    Attractive labels and packaging
>    Efficient and effective after-sales service
>    Product Warranty
>    Direct delivery to our stores on time
>    Wide variety of product assortment / range
>    Stock fulfilment
>    Suppliers need to be directly responsible for the quality of their products and the correct description of their products / ingredients / materials

       on the labels / warranty periods / shelf life
>    Should any product problems occur, Suppliers are required to solve the problems related to customers' dissatisfaction / questions / Government regulations
>    Suppliers will be required to submit promotion plans in advanced for approval process